Vendor Additional Information


Festival Hours: Thursday July 4th, 2019 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


* Fees are due at time of application.

* Pop and Water Order or signed waiver stating you understand you are prohibited from selling pop and water not purchased from PATRIOTS IN THE PARK.

* A copy of an Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit, or a copy of applicable Oklahoma Certified Sales Tax Permit (For those out of State) and a declaration of method of payment must be provided with the application package.

* A copy of your liability insurance certificate must be included as part of the application package, or prior to setting up onsite. Note: You will not be permitted to open your booth without this.

* Liability Insurance certificate must be valid for the entire duration of the event. Note: Insurance must include Patriots in the Park, Adroit Event Solutions LLC, City of Broken Arrow & both Tulsa and Wagoner Counties as additionally insured.


It is the VENDOR’s responsibility to read and comply with the Broken Arrow City-Tulsa/Wagoner County Health Department regulations. Information can be found at https://www.tulsa-health.org/food-safety/food-service-industry/temporary-and-seasonal-food-events. The Tulsa/Wagoner County Health Department requires pre-payment for the temporary permit at least seven days in advance of the festival. If you have any further questions, please call our office at (918) 595-4300. Upon arrival at the festival, your unit will be inspected and you will receive your temporary permit at that time unless you already have one.


Sales Tax Forms are to be provided to Patriots in the Park as part of the application package and it is your responsibility to collect and pay Oklahoma State and local Sales and Use Tax on the last day of the event prior to leaving. If payment is to be made online, the Sales Tax Forms provided MUST be completed and returned to Patriots in the Park on the park.

For more information, see the Oklahoma’s Tax Commissions website at http://www.tax.ok.gov.


1. HEALTH INSPECTION IS 8AM ON THURSDAY. All food and beverage providers whether sold in packaging or from a food service area must be inspected. No Health Inspection Permit means you will not be able to sell/serve and will be removed from the event. Special arrangements may be made on the day for additional inspections with the prior agreement of the Tulsa/Wagoner Health Department only, and may be subject to additional fees.

2. Temporary staff cannot be supplied by Patriots in the Park as our staff are volunteers for the event. If you need temporary staff please contact the River Parks Authority who may be able to assist.

3. There will be no vehicular access to the park during opening hours per the Broken Arrow Police Department. We have arranged access for Vendors during set-up and shut down only.

4. No one is allowed to stay/camp in the park overnight.

5. We will have security overnight through the course of the event, beginning Wednesday night.

6. You are welcome to set up earlier in the week if you need to, please also note point 3 above.

7. If you have any requirements that haven’t been covered or need anything special we’re happy to work with you, just let us know.

8. Only pop and water purchased from Patriots in the Park may be sold.


1. After 8:00 AM, Thursday morning, NO vehicles other than permitted carts are allowed on the field for any reason, no exceptions, please plan accordingly.

2. All tents MUST meet with the Fire Marshalls requirements.

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